TempSure FIRM

What Is Tempsure Firm?

TempSure Firm is a device used for body contouring and cellulite reduction through the application of radiofrequency heat energy. This energy both kills fat cells and stimulates the production of collagen, resulting in tighter, firmer skin and a more contoured appearance wherever it is applied.

What Areas Does It Treat?

The custom handpieces allow us to apply this treatment to almost any problem area on the body, including:
• Abdomen
• Buttocks
• Arms
• Thighs
• Legs

How Does It Work?

The customized body handpieces allow us to deliver just the right amount of radiofrequency energy to the targeted area for the optimal amount of time to destroy excess fat cells in the target location and promote collagen production without harming surrounding tissue. The result is a tighter, more toned appearance, with a reduced appearance of cellulite or sagging skin in the targeted area.