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Collagen, the skin’s support system and a factor in maintaining form, is lost as we age. In actuality, collagen makes up 70% of the skin, and as collagen levels decline, the skin becomes less elastic and moisturizing. The impact of gravity on facial aging is a popular fallacy. The underlying problem is deflation (loss of structure and volume) Instead of descent (sagging or drooping). The great news is that you can influence how much collagen the skin naturally produces.

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The Greatest Advantages Of The Sculptra Mount Prospect

Different Anti-Aging Treatments Mount Prospect Exist:

Collagen lotions
Since collagen creams only partially reach the dermis, they are mostly useful as moisturizers that temporarily enhance the look of the skin.
Collagen supplements
Since the digestive system breaks down collagen proteins when consumed, it is unclear how beneficial they are. It doesn’t make your skin seem better.
Toxins momentarily weaken muscles to reduce forehead frown lines. Results usually persist for a few months.
Work quickly to smooth out folds, wrinkles, and lines after injection. Perfect if you want have quick results.

Different Anti-Aging Treatments Mount Prospect Exist:

Sculptra®️: is an FDA-approved face injectable therapy made of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), which helps replenish lost collagen over time. Collagen is the most prevalent protein in the body and serves as the foundation for supporting cells and tissue. Collagen begins to develop when the Sculptra Aesthetic PLLA microparticles are ingested. Regrown collagen strands gradually start to restore the face volume of your skin, adding volume that lifts the soft tissues and hydrates the skin from the inside out.

What occurs during a Sculptra Mount Prospect Aesthetic procedure?
The average time for Sculptra injections Mount Prospect is under an hour. Prior to beginning treatment, your doctor will first go through your objectives, evaluate the region to be treated, mark the sites for the injections, and clean the area with an antiseptic.

Prior to the injections, you could also get a topical anesthetic. Sculptra Mount Prospect is combined with the numbing ingredient lidocaine to assist reduce pain.

The region is massaged after your injections to assist the spread of the Sculptra and avoid the development of lumps or nodules under the skin. In order to avoid any nodules from remaining, you’ll also need to massage the region on your own five times each day for roughly a week following the treatment.

According to Papillon Beauty & Spa – Beauty Salon Mount Prospect, after therapy, the majority of patients are able to resume their regular activities right away.

Three months following the first set of procedures, you’ll start to see the longer-lasting effects of increased collagen production, and four to six months after the first therapy session, you’ll see your best results.