Potenza Microneedling


Potenza microneedling is the latest revolution in skincare. Our enhanced versatile topical penetration allows us to provide customized treatment based on your needs. Our process will alarm your body to send healing factors to boost skin strength, radiance, and health. Introducing the Potenza™️ radiofrequency microneedling treatment. No matter your skin type, we have a customizable solution designed for you anywhere on your body. If you want to firm or tighten your skin, reduce scars and blemishes, minimize signs of aging, microneedling treatment will unleash your skin’s glow after a few treatments.

How Potenza Produces Results

Potenza microneedling process includes using ultra-fine needled and radiofrequency devices operated by a professional provider to penetrate the skin’s outermost layers to trigger the skin’s natural repair process.
Our treatment will:
• Stimulate elastin and new collagen, leaving skin looking brighter, firmer, tiger, and younger-acting.
• Target blemishes and gives you a more radiant complexion
• Provides faster healing time and deeper penetration of serums to address scars and other skin problems.

Potenza is word’s first 4-mode Radiofrequency!

Monopolar, bipolar, 1&2 MHz capabilities are four modes of system treatment that target any skin problems on many different levels.
Potenza treatment is way better than microneedling alone because the radiofrequency technology gives your skin a gentle heat that works further in enhancing the production of collagen and elastin responsible for warding off wrinkles fine lines that enhances skin revitalization.

Is this treatment suitable for me?

Potenza RF microneedling treatment can address all of your skin concerns in your face and body. Our treatment is available no matter what skin type you have, anywhere on your body, and any time of the year.

When will I see the result?

It takes 4 to 6 weeks for the elastin and collagen to form. The optimal result of the treatment can be noticed at 12 weeks after the last treatment. The more sessions you have, the better the result.

How long is the treatment?

Usually, it takes 45 minutes or less. The treatment will depend on your skin condition.

Does the Potenza treatment Hurt?

The discomfort of this treatment is minimal and tolerable. Once numb, you will feel slight pressure or sensation. When Potenza treatment is done by a professional with numbing cream, you will find the treatment comfortable.

What is the tiger tip technology?

Tiger tip technology is designed to tighten skin, shrink pores, reduce wrinkles, and diminish acne scars on your face and other parts of the body. This technology is made to essentially retrace their steps and tailor individual skin types to provide a fast healing process and customized treatment for different skin types and conditions.

The Potenza radiofrequency microneedling device is used for electrocoagulation and hemostasis of soft tissue for skin conditions. Just like other medical procedures, there may be minimal side effects such as temporary tingling, redness, and sometimes burning sensation during the treatment procedure. Our qualified practitioner in Mount Prospect will assess your condition and evaluate if the treatment fits you or not. We inform each customer about the relevant information, risk, or pre-and postoperative care that you need.

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