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IV Nutrition Therapy Mount Prospect

What exactly is IV Therapy?

Intravenous (IV) therapy is a therapeutic treatment process that is minimally invasive and involves the administration of fluids directly into a vein. IV therapy may involve only fluids for hydration or IV nutritional therapy which incorporates amino acids, nutrients, and vitamins into the fluid. Sometimes, this process is referred to simply as a drip or as an IV infusion.
Hospitals and doctors utilize IV hydration and IV vitamin therapy to provide nutrients and fluids to patients throughout Mount Prospect and the world. It ensures that a patient remains hydrated and delivers all of the nutrients required for treatment.
It is now time for the next generation of IV nutrition therapy. Experienced, qualified, medical professionals currently administer IV drips to a variety of clients from pro athletes to cancer patients to stay-at-home moms. When administered by a knowledgeable professional, the best manner in which to receive nutrition and fluids is through IV nutrition therapy Mount Prospect residents trust.

What benefits are provided by IV Therapy?

Although you may be thinking that a voluntary IV sounds a bit outrageous, a complete comprehension of IV nutrition therapy benefits may help you to understand why this method of vitamin delivery is becoming more popular daily.

The benefits of IV therapy include:

– 100% absorption of vitamins
– Guaranteed hydration
– Immediate delivery
– Cumulative effects
– Fast Acting

Nutrients are delivered with fluids in IV nutrition therapy. Through this method, any dehydration symptoms are immediately eliminated and your body receives the IV hydration Mount Prospect residents have come to rely on.
Different from liquids or pills or other methods of oral intake, with IV vitamin therapy, amino acids, vitamins, and various other nutrients are able to directly enter the bloodstream, circumventing the traditional process of absorption, effectively ensuring that absorption is 100%. IV infusion effects are exceedingly fast-acting, and most clients report feeling a major difference almost instantly. Additionally, IV nutrition therapy effects are cumulative, meaning the body will slowly build a stockpile of amino acids and vitamins to use them when necessary.

How much time will pass before results are noticeable?
The majority of clients witness results in just 24-72 hours.
But, each body is unique and may have a different IV drip experience. While the drip is being administered, certain individuals might smell and/or taste the minerals and vitamins, although others may never smell and/or taste anything.
We recommend drinking water during the administration of their infusion in order to minimize this effect. As with any IV vitamin therapy, the effect is cumulative – which means the effects produced by recurrent drips will be more pronounced than the effects produced by only the first dose.

I hate needles. Will this hurt?
We are aware that nobody enjoys being intentionally prodded or poked. To assist in minimizing this feeling of discomfort, we provide a topical numbing agent when requested.
An IV’s start is likely the most uncomfortable moment of the entire process. However, numerous clients describe “the poke” as merely a pinch or minor discomfort. On various occasions, the IV is begun and the client has not even noticed.
We try our best to minimize any potential pain as best we can.

Is a prescription required?
No. A doctor’s prescription is not required for any of the IV hydration therapy we provide.
But, if you are currently being cared for by a medical professional for an illness, You should consult them before modifying your treatment plan.  If a custom IV infusion is recommended by your doctor as part of your treatment, you will require a prescription for that particular IV.
Before receiving IV nutrition therapy, our medical team will go over your registration papers and evaluate your case.

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