About Icoone – Most Effective Cellulite Treatment Mount Prospect Has Ever Offered

ICOONE MOUNT PROSPECT – Breakthrough Technology For Body Shaping and Skin Rejuvenation Time and time again, massage devices have been proven to be effective and safe for all consumers by numerous studies worldwide.

At Papillon Beauty & Spa, we provide beauty conveniently with our brand new Independent Motorized Microstimulator featuring Roboderm patented technology. Our icoone body treatment device in Mount Prospect features rollers that perform inward, outward, forward and backward motions for total skin stimulation on all your desired areas. The stimulation is achieved through arrays of micro-holes from the icoone that get fractionated into the skin. This mechanism is found on the exterior of the Microstimulator (Roboderm), which effectively targets the micro vacuoles located in the subcutaneous tissue. With gentle yet thorough action, this cellulite treatment conditions the skin tissue to remove fat deposits, enhance blood flow, promote body lymphatic drainage, and reactivate lipolysis. As a result, you can enjoy radiant, smoother, and firmer skin. Among other spa and skin treatment centers in the local area, Papillon Beauty & Spa takes pride in being the only company in Chicagoland that owns this machine. You can rest assured that your skin and entire body are in good hands with our high-technology machines and professional skin experts. For effective cellulite treatment around Mount Prospect, consult with us today.

We are the only place in Chicagoland that offers such an effective cellulite treatment. Try Icoone, contact us and make an appointment today!

Get amazing results with our cellulite treatment in Mount Prospect to enjoy smoother skin all over your body
Loose Skin
This treatment produces new collagen by stimulating your fibroblast and making your skin tighter for a youthful look
Highlight your best curves by contouring your body with our ICOONE body treatment in Mount Prospect.
Facial Contours
Enhance your facial structure along with your body for a more harmonized look
Fat Deposits
Eliminate unwanted fats from different areas of your body and achieve a more sculpted figure with our body lymphatic drainage treatment
Reduce fine lines and wrinkles on your face for a fresher and more youthful skin

Benefits of Our Icoone Treatment 

  • Improves blood circulation, reduces water retention, and aids in flushing out toxins 
  • Minimizes the appearance of cellulite
  • Improves the quality of the skin and reduces the appearance of scarring
  • Contours the body to its best shape
  • Eliminates unwanted deep fat tissue 
  • Tightens skin through fibroblasts stimulation
  • Prevents skin aging for a youthful look
  • Relieves muscle aches, pains, and spasms
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Reduces the feeling of stress and fatigue 
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle to maintain the effects of the ICOONE treatment

Body Lymphatic Drainage Mount Prospect – Drainage Lymph Mount Prospect services by Icoone

Our body lymphatic drainage Mount Prospect is designed to reduce localized fat deposits and give your body an ideal contour. Our Icoone body treatment Mount Prospect is also a popular treatment to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or furrows on the face. As a result, you can enjoy tighter pores, improved skin tone, a non-invasive facial lift, and reduced appearance of a double chin.

Our cellulite treatment Mount Prospect works by stimulating each millimeter of the face, neck, or body at a time to induce consequent elastin reactivation and collagen production. This restructures connective tissue to achieve the shape, contour, or appearance our clients desire. With drainage lymph mount prospect services we effectively extract fat deposits from your desired body part to give you tighter, fresher, and younger-looking skin. Consult us today!