Our Exceptional Exfoliation treatments gently exfoliate the skin to unclog pores, treat blemished skin and accelerate skin turnover to improve fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration and moisture. A series of 5 treatments at weekly or bi-monthly intervals is recommended for best results. These treatments are available as an enhancement to our Signature Facial or separate treatment

Microdermabrasion Treatment - Face 60min – 90 $; Face, neck, decollete 70min – 110 $

It provides a Non-Surgical skin resurfacing procedure by using sterile diamond heads to peel and rub off the dead cells at the top skin layer followed by vacuuming/suction removing particles along with any dirt and dead skin.

This procedure removes skin debris, scars, blemishes, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation of the skin.

Diamond Microdermabrasion can treat:  aging and sun-damaged skin, some types of acne scarring and acne, altered pigmentation, stretch marks, fine lines, enlarged and clogged pores. With the flexibility of using different suction levels, it also increases blood flow to the skin, and that in turn helps to produce collagen.

Chemical Peel - 105$ - 150$

As we age the skin cell turnover slows down and the skin starts to look dull and lack luster compared to having that youthful glow. As we age there is also pigmentation or age spots that flaw the skin. Blocked pores give rise to black heads and acne.

How does a Chemical Peel work?

Chemical peels rejuvenate the skin and leave your complexion luminous. A peel is a perfect treatment to have to help kick-start rejuvenation in your skin. It is also used for pigmentation and to unblock pores, reduce sebum production and acne break outs.

Many clients are afraid of chemical peels having seen the very deep ones, we use the SkinCeuticals peels that ‘achieve the peel’ at the time and give little to no peeling after the treatment yet still get the results. The applied solution helps to remove the damaged skin cells via a chemical reaction

The Results

Our peel can be used even on the day of a special event and leaves the skin bright, refreshed and beautifully smooth. It Improves skin texture, removes dead skin cells, increases moisture retention, stimulates collagen and elastin, reduce fine line, wrinkles and surface pigmentation

The Downtime

The downtime depends on the depth of the peel, however most of our peels have no downtime. Deeper peels will cause some skin shedding like mild ‘skin dandruff’. It is mandatory to use a sunscreen after every peel treatment. Make up can be applied right after the treatment

Organic peel

Unbalanced, Teen, Sensitive skin

A blend of pumpkin, pineapple, papaya, and mango fruit enzymes and peptides in an organic aloe vera gel base. This peel rebalances, regenerates and restores skin while comfrey plant stem cells recharge your skin’s stem cells helping to maintain youthfulness of skin

Vitamin C peel

All type of skin, Rosacea, Dry/ dehydrate, Sensitive

Treatment combines vitamin c, hydroxyl acid and enzymes to speed up cellular renewal. New technology of centella stem cell support rosacea/redness. Vitamin C   benefits also include improving the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration

Acne lift

Oily, Acne prone skin, blackhead, clogged pores

A potent bland of alpha and beta hydroxyl acids blend with lilac plant-derived steam cells to reduce blemishes, redness and diminish post-breakout dark spots. Detoxifying ylang ylang and eucalyptus purify oily skin and effectively treat and heal acne lesions. Salicylic acid diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by promoting collagen growth, treat patients with darker skin looking to correct sun and age spots and hyperpigmentation issues

Mystique Elite Treatment

All type of skin

This unique all seasons treatment features a blend of vitamin c, mandelic acid and mastiha. This beautifully brightening formula is perfect for first time clients or clients who want instant no-down time results. This treatment is an exclusive Lira Clinical procedure.

  • Mastiha, vitamin C, and mandelic acid combination
  • Intense lightening, tightening, and hydrating
  • Accelerate cell turnover by dissolving the tiny bonds that hold skin cells together
  • Helping to remove dead skin on the surface of the skin that can lead to dull complexions as well as fine lines
  • Strengthens collagen
  • Safe for non-primed clients, great intro peel


Brightening Plus Treatment

Pigmentation, Photo damage, Sun spots, Photo aging

Lactic acid blended with an organic melanin suppressant, hyaluronic acid, green tea and echinacea, this is the peel of choice for pigmented, sun-damaged and dehydrated skin. Infused with antioxidants, skin will look and feel refreshed.

  • Effective on pigmented, dehydrated and sun-damaged skin
  • Excellent for global skin types
  • Natural melanin suppressants
  • Stabilizes hormonally-imbalanced skin
Hydroxy 30

Wrinkles, pigmentation and lackluster skin

This ultra – resurfacing blend of glycolic acid and retinol visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles leaving skin firm and revitalized.

Restore and soothe while gently lightening and exfoliating superficial skin layers. This anti-aging alpha-hydroxy blended peel rebuilds skin with doses of retinol for maximum resurfacing results.

  • Fibroblast stimulating, age prevention, lighter, hydration, rejuvenator, antioxidant
  • AHA and retinol blend
Pumpkin Plus Definer with PSC

All type of skin

Uniquely formulated pumpkin enzymes are infused with retinol while super-rich pomegranate and mango antioxidants fight free radical invasion. The versatile pulp delivery system found in this treatment makes it ideal for any skin type.

  • Universal peeling treatment
  • Ideally suited for women who are constantly “on-the-go”
  • Anti-aging, hydrating, lightning and combats acne
Azelaic acid

Acne, inflammation, hyperpigmentation (including sensitive and rosacea skin)

Azelaic Acid is naturally antibacterial which makes it a great treatment for acne. When applied topically, it reduces the growth of bacteria in a follicle, helps to reduce inflammation and remove dead skin cells to prevent future acne breakouts.

Azelaic Acid can be used on just about any skin type, including sensitive skin, as it has the ability to reduce inflammation. Anyone with rosacea, especially those with acne rosacea, will find it makes an excellent treatment for calming and soothing their inflamed skin.

            Azelaic acid lightens your overall skin tone by reducing melanin production, which it does by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase, an enzyme that stimulates melanin production

Lactobionic acid

All type of skin including sensitive skin

Smoothest and resurfaces treatments does not cause strong burning sensation and irritation of skin. Strong humectant (attracts and retaining moisture within the skin),  antioxidant, increase cell turnover, help with hyperpigmentation

Green Peel

Herbal Peeling Treatment which helps people with various skin problems to get a clean and even skin. The basis is a mixture of eight selected herbs containing enzymes, minerals and vitamins, which are massaged into the skin.

This treatment with natural herbs noticeably provides energy. It stimulates blood circulation and metabolism and thus leads to a natural improvement of the skin texture without any peeling effect. Energy provides your skin with the natural energy it needs to renew the cells. It helps to reduce age-related skin appearances as well as impurities, scarring and pigment disorders. The treatment visibly improves the skin’s appearance and harmonizes its surface

B-Like Peel (smoothing mimic wrinkles) 75min

The action gammaaminobutyric acid is based on the mechanism of blocking nerve synapse signals. After direct application to the skin, it blocks micro-contraction of the skin muscles causing them to relax and, as a result, the reduction of mimic wrinkles

Lift peel (treatment for skin that lacks elasticity) 75min

It is two-phase lifting program, stimulates regeneration of the skin. It is based on the innovative use of glycerinic acid, which delays the aging process of the skin. It inhibits the action of hyaluronidase, an enzyme that breaks dawn natural hyaluronic acid in the skin.

Pyruvic peel

Reduces blackheads, it kills bacteria, it improves the skin tone, tightens pores. Recommended for acne skin, with numerous plague and with problems of excessive secretion of sebum.

Phytic peel

Prevents discoloration and reduces existing ones, shows antioxidant and anti-aging activity, straight capillary walls , preventing the formation of free radicals.